General Terms and Conditions

This present general terms and conditions of the Agency is in relation to the transportation and other travel services proposed by Concorde Travel (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”),


These General terms and conditions of the Agency are in accordance with the law, the relevant rules that apply as per the activities of the Agency.


The Client declares having taken cognizance of the general terms and conditions of the Agency as well as the description of the services provided by the Agency.


  1. Availability of services

 The services provided by Concorde TGA Ltd (the Company) are subject to their availability at the time of confirmation. The reservation is deemed to be final once the Company obtains confirmation of availability from the service provider for the services and price quoted.

  1. Confirmation

Services and price quoted is confirmed once a deposit is made or the total amount of the service has been paid by the client.

  1. Price Modifications

The price proposed by the Company are only valid as at the date of issue of the offer. The prices are subject to change due to the exchange rates, hotel rates or new law in relation to VAT. Moreover, the Company can amend the prices, invoices that have been proposed without notice.

  1. Payment

Payment shall be made by the client in cash, or with a valid credit card, or bank transfer, or bank/office cheque.

The Company reserves the right to refuse personal cheque as a method of payment.

Where a cheque has been accepted, upon approval of the management of the Company, the payment must be made by latest 5 working days prior to the date of departure. The Company reserves the right to cancel any booking where the client’s cheque has been refused by the bank.

  1. Cancellation and penalty fee

 For any booking, the company shall communicate to the client a date by which the client shall confirm its reservation (“due date”).

In case the client fails to confirm the booking at the due date, the Company reserves the right to cancel the client’s booking.

In case the service provider decides to cancel the trip or other service booked before departure, the client shall be notified by any means. In the event that there is no mutual agreement as to a substituted trip or stay, it is advisable that the client refers to the specific condition with the supplier with regards to the refund and cancellation fee.

In the event the client cancels the reservation, the Company shall charge a cancellation fee or penalty fee which will be due and payable to the Company.

  1. Limitation of liability

The Company not being an airline, agent of carriers, hotels, tour operators nor any other supplier offering the Services describe in the offer, cannot he held responsible for any damage caused to the client following any act or omission of those suppliers (for e.g. loss of luggage, over-booking, flight cancellations, etc.).

The total liability of the Company in respect of any prejudice caused to the client through any act or omission by any representative of the Company or resulting from any offer, shall be limited to the total sum of the transaction(s) set forth in the said offer and in any event, it shall not exceed a total sum of twenty-five thousand rupees (Rs. 25,000).

In the event of a force majeure or natural disaster preventing the Company from carrying out its obligation, the latter shall not be held responsible and should not be liable to indemnify the client.

  1. Client’s obligations

The client should ensure that all the entry requirements such as passports and visas are valid before the departure and should comply with the health requirements and exigencies, including vaccination or other preventive measures.

The client who made the reservation at a classification rate (family, youngsters/teenagers, baby, elderly etc.) shall be able to show proof of same whenever required.

Personal Data – As per the Travel Agent Handbook issued by IATA, upon passengers consent, their personal data are communicated to Airlines participating in the itinerary only for the purpose of informing on any irregular flight operations and disruptions. In the event the passenger reserves his or her right not the provide contact details, he or she may not receive any information from the airline relating to flight cancelation or scheduled changes (including delay in departure)

For the trip, it is advised that an insurance cover is taken as a precautionary measure. The client should ensure that he has his travel insurance before travelling. Any representative of the Company can provide information and assist the client in relation to travel insurance.

  1. Complaints

 In case there is an issue as to the services being provided, the client must immediately inform the relevant supplier (hotel or emergency contact on the voucher).

In the event the relevant supplier is unable to do so, the client should inform the Company in Mauritius through its emergency phone number. However, if the client fails to inform the Company on due time, the Company will neither carry out any enquiry with regards to the complaint nor will it be able to give the relevant assistance when the client is abroad, which can affect the client’s right under this present Agreement.

  1. Processing of visa application

The Company shall process an application for the visa only upon request of the client. However, the Company does not give any guarantee as to whether the visa application shall be successful or not.

Moreover, the relevant authority may require the client to furnish any other additional document to support his application and the client should ensure that same is provide in a timely and diligently manner.

The Company shall act only as a facilitator between the client and the relevant authority upon request to make an application for visa and therefore shall not be liable for any prejudice caused to the client as a result of same being turned down.

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